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If you need to use any of the images on this website – please either ask or pay, but please don’t steal. That’s not cool.

Almost all the images published here are all copyrighted (and have a copyright sign attached to them) and there is a charge for their use – which increases if they are used without permission, which is also not cool.

Contrary to the idea that everything that appears on the internet is fair game, it isn’t. Original content has a cost. Apart from the cost of the cameras, time and money is spent getting to various locations and taking the photographs and if you want to use original content from this website, you shouldn’t assume you don’t have to pay a contribution to those costs.

An example of cool behaviour is the people – including the Licensed Vintners Association – behind the Support Your Local campaign. They spotted photographs on this site and as well as asking to use them, they paid a contribution.

In some cases – like if you are just a punter with a website that doesn’t earn money and you do it for the hell of it, or whatever – money will not need to change hands. But a polite email request to use the pictures would be appreciated all the same.

Please see either the contact option or the ‘Payment’ below.


While every effort is made to ensure any articles here are accurate, please feel free to get in touch if you have an issue with any of the content on this site and want it corrected (if factually inaccurate).



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