MOD70s in Dublin on European Tour.

More pictures from Friday’s racing, can be found at the website for Random Irish Life – a two-week long random photographic tour of Ireland.

Dublin Tall Ships 2012 – Amerigo Vespucci.

Italy’s Amerigo Vespucci arrives at the East Link Bridge for the Dublin Tall Ships Festival.

Tall Ships Dublin 2012 – Cuauhtemoc

Shots of the Mexican Navy‘s Cuauhtemoc off shore and then being escorted up the Liffey for the Tall Ships Festival.

(Many thanks to Michael Parker for organising a place on a Dublin Port Authority boat out to meet the Cuauhtemoc and the crew of the launch that got out there.)

Dublin Tall Ships Festival 2012 – the Pogoria.

Pogoria – the first of the vessels from the Tall Ships Festival 2012 – just outside Dublin Port.