Paul Gogarty concedes election defeat on Twitter

PAUL Gogarty notched up a social media first yesterday when he conceded defeat on Twitter.

Just after 10am, the now ex-Green Party Dublin Mid-West TD – who promises on his Twitter site he ‘won’t tweet anything controversial’ – gave up with only a fraction of votes counted.

Gogarty tweeted to the 3,976 people who follow his Twitter updates: ‘10% of tallies counted.

‘All in my strong area. Loads of 2, 3, 4, which is comforting, but not enough No. 1s. I concede, with good grace.’

The unconventional politician has 3,976 Twitter followers – but polled only 1,484 first preferences and survived only until the sixth count, when he was eliminated with 1,605 votes. But that was long after his concession.

Internet consultant Damien Mulley said: ‘This is a social media first.

‘No sitting politician has ever conceded like this before.’

Within hours, Gogarty changed his Twitter username from GogartyTD to PaulGogartyGRN.

In a Mail on Sunday interview last December, Gogarty admitted it was unlikely the Green Party would hang onto more than two seats.

But the 42-year-old added: ‘As long as one of them is mine I don’t give a s***.’

Gogarty, who had been a TD since he was elected in May 2002, joined the Greens in 1989 and was elected to South Dublin County Council ten years later.

Although he makes much of his achievements on his website, he is better known for what he has said – or Tweeted – than what he has actually done.

He achieved national ignominy when he launched into a foul-mouthed rant against Labour’s Emmet Stagg during a Dail debate on the Social Welfare Bill in December 2009.

He was accused of exploiting his 19-month-old daughter Daisy when he brought her to the Green Party conference last November when John Gormley called for a General Election.

And while describing his own party colleagues ‘prostitutes’, he also raised a few eyebrows when he admitted buying gay and straight porn in his teens because he was unsure of his sexuality.

He also ended up being routinely embroiled in problems with Ireland’s so-called Twitterati – who dubbed him the ‘Jedward of Irish politics’.

Last November, he caused a storm of protest when he blocked a series of bloggers – including Twenty Major, politics forum’s David Cochrane and Trinity economist Brian Lucey.

Late last year, Gogarty memorably said he didn’t ‘give a f*** about Gutless Gilmore’ but then announced his intention to block various Twitter accounts.

He said loftily: ‘I am blocking abusive people because there are more important issues to be concerned about. Like the budget, education, etc, etc.’

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