U2 arrest

U2 singer Bono’s security staff were forced to call in gardai after a gang of drunken youths turned up at his Dublin home.

They hurled abuse over the fortified walls of his €8m Dublin home and exposed themselves in front of CCTV cameras trained on the entrance gates.

Rather than get into a face-to-face confrontation with them, Bono’s domestic security team called the local garda station.

A unit arrived at the mansion, which overlooks Dublin’s Killiney Bay, and arrested one youth at shops nearby.

After a struggle, Robert Canavan, 24, of Eaton Wood Court, Shankhill, was taken into custody.

Before he was handcuffed and led away, he – according to witnesses – appeared to be talking ‘gibberish’ and hurled abuse at gardai who he told the ‘f**k off’ and to ‘get their hands off him’.

At a sitting of Dun Laoghaire District Court, he admitted he was at Bono’s house at the same time as the gang of youths but denied being involved in any of the antics they got up to.

He explained his behaviour towards gardai as being a consequence of being on medication and said he had only happened to be at Bono’s house because he bumped into his friends there while he was on his way home late last Saturday night.

Sgt Peadar McCann told the court: ‘Gardai attended the scene and the complaint was that a group of youths were there, exposing themselves in front of the security camera at the front gate and screaming abuse at the Hewson family.

‘The gardai attempted to arrest the defendant but were met with strong resistance.

‘A struggle ensued and they eventually managed to handcuff him’.

Canavan was bound over to keep the peace in what was the latest incident to involve one of Bono’s large collection of homes.

It was reported recently that Bono is in dispute with his neighbours in New York over open fires being lit in an apartment block where he has a flat.

The singer complained about the fires, telling a residents’ leader that one of his daughters has asthma and the fires were affecting her condition.


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