Lynch and ex-love go AWOL

THE family of the woman Shane Lynch is believed to have quit Love Island for told last night of their joy at the prospect of a reunion between the two singers.

Sheena White’s mother Genie was speaking for the first time since the ex-Boyzone star walked out on reality show Love Island to get back with an ex.

After spending a day reading the bible, the 30-year-old told fellow contestants – including a sobbing Sophie Anderton – before he walked on Monday: “I need to put the mistakes right. To cut a long story short, my time has come and I need to leave this place.

“The truth is there’s somebody who really owns my heart and that’s where it lies right now.”

And although he refused to name the woman, he said: “It’s not just some random woman – it’s someone I’ve known quite some time. And I need to find out if she feels the same. A man can only live in hope.”

That woman is believed to be his former long-term girlfriend, Sheena White – a stunning 25-year-old singer from England, who he started seeing in around 2003.

They had split some months before Lynch, a born-again Christian who had vowed in their relationship to stick to a strict self-imposed no-sex-before-marriage rule, decided to go on the ITV1 show at the beginning of last month.

UK-born Sheena, who was a singer in a band near her home in Bexley in Kent before she met Lynch, has not been seen in public since.

But her mother Genie told the Irish Daily Mail: “I don’t normally watch TV but I had watched some of Love Island.

“However, because I had missed one night, the first I heard Shane had left the programme was when I heard it from reporters.

“I honestly do not even know where my daughter is at the moment and I am not currently speaking to her. That’s not because we have fallen out or anything. It’s just that she is doing her own thing and I do not know when I will either see or speak to her again.

“I don’t believe in molly-coddling my children, and they are free to do whatever they want. She’s a grown-up and can come and go as she please.”

On the prospect of a reunion, she added: “Shane’s a lovely boy and they were a lovely couple. I would love to see them back together again, it would be very nice but as to them marrying, I just can’t say because I honestly don’t know.

“Mind you, if my daughter needs any advice on that score, I’m sure she’ll get in touch. Other than that, I’m afraid there is nothing else I can tell you”

Lynch, who joined Fiji-based Love Island at the beginning of last month, has made little secret of his feelings for Sheena.

Of their relationship and the prospect of marriage, Lynch said in 2004: “I want to get married again one day. It’s something that Sheena and I are definitely working towards.

“I love her dearly and I would have married her when we first got together – I knew how I felt about her. But I guess I’m trying to be sensible. I’m in no rush.”

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