Man who sold Smurfit petrol speaks of his sorrow.

THE man who sold Jason Smurfit the petrol he used to kill himself spoke last might of his regret over having served him.
Kuna Phira said he was sorry petrol from his garage was used in such a way but said he had no way of knowing that this is what Smurfit was going to do with it.
The 31-year-old, who has worked at the Bath Road Texaco Garage in Hounslow for the past six years, said last night: “I am so sorry about what has happened but there wasn’t anything he did that made me suspect he was going to kill himself.”
Kuna served Smurfit about half-an-hour before the troubled 35-year-old turned up at a Catholic Church just over a mile down the road and set himself on fire.
He said: “He came in at around 2pm and walked over to where we sell petrol cans.
“Without saying anything to me, he walked back out to the forecourt and then filled both cans.
“I did wonder what he was doing because he just took the cans and walked out.
“I didn’t know if he had paid for them or not and I did keep an eye on him while I served other customers.
“But after he’d filled both of them with unleaded petrol, he walked back in, walked around the shop a bit and picked up one of the St George’s football flags you attach to a car window and a sandwich from the fridge and then waited in line to pay.
“He took out a £20 note and some change, paid and the only thing I remember him saying was ‘thank-you’.
“He then left, got in a car that was waiting for him and that was the last I saw of him.”
Kuna added: “The station was quite busy at the time, and I didn’t really have time to notice much about him.
“He looked a bit shabby, had a beard and was dressed in a long black overcoat.
“I can’t remember if he was drunk or unsteady on his feet, but I don’t think so.
“I am really sorry about what has happened and I’m sorry for the family. I’m also sorry for him.
“I feel very sad about what he did. If he had spoken to me and I had had a chance to figure him out, maybe I would have thought twice before selling him the petrol.
“But he just hardly spoke to me and it was busy and I had other customers to serve.
“It’s really shaken me up and I know now that I will pay more attention to people buying petrol in cans.
“I will certainly ask them more questions and get into a dialogue with
them so i can figure them out.
“But at the end of the day, it’s not illegal to sell petrol in cans and
it’s difficult to know what anyone working in a petrol station can do
about people like Mr Smurfit.”

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