Coy Coyle’s love for Desperate star

JUST good friends would appear to be “the new going out” for Nadine
Coyle despite her denials she is dating Jesse Metcalfe.
It turns out that at the same time she was being photographed leaving a
London club with a “mystery man” last week, the US actor she has been
linked with was being sneaked out a back entrance.
The mystery man turned out to be a dancer employed by Coyle’s band Girls
Aloud and Jesse Metcalfe managed to slip away.
But a telling photograph of Coyle with Metcalfe later showed her tenderly
resting her hand on his leg in the back of a limousine – fuelling
speculation that the relationship is more on than not.
And it would appear it has been on for some time now, and pretty much
since they first met last month – even though they hardly get time to
see each other.
For now though, the 20-year-old singer is insisting that she is “just
good friends” with the Desperate Housewives star.
He however seems very keen to keep in touch with this particular friend,
as he flew all the way from Los Angeles to meet up with her in London.
While her pals danced in the main floor of trendy nightclub Movida, she spent
much of the night engrossed in conversation in a corner of the VIP room
with Metcalfe.
Her PR agent last night insisted there would be no comments on reports
the two are a couple despite the bizarre lengths Coyle wants to go to
conceal it.
She was seen kissing the dancer she left the club with and even posed
for photographers clutching a red rose.
Coyle – who is rumoured to be working out when to make a break to go
solo from Girls Aloud – met Metcalfe when the band was in Australia last
The singer, who split from footballer Neil McAfferty more than a year
ago, said on a chat show that she had not had much luck with men but
that that Metcalfe was her dream man.
He saw the interview and then sent flowers to her hotel before asking
her out for dinner.
She now says what happened next is “private” and that she would rather
not talk about it.
But she admits: “We’re really good friends and have hung out quite a bit.”
A pal said: “One of the reasons she hasn’t had much luck with guys is
that she worries that they don’t see her for what she is rather than who
she is.
“She is really keen to try and let the relationship takes its course but
without the glare of publicity.”
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