Trainer dismisses ‘third party’ involvement in death of boxer Darren Sutherland

DARREN Sutherland’s family need to accept the truth about their son and move on with their lives, the late boxer’s former trainer said last night, as friends and colleagues in London ruled out a third party in his suicide.

Bryan Lawrence was reacting to a pathologist’s report which suggests a third party may have been involved in his death in September.

Northern Ireland’s State Pathologist Professor Jack Crane – an expert in deaths under restraint – is alarmed that Darren’s hands were tied.

He also expressed concerns about the lack of detail about the material used to tie the hands and about marks or injuries on his body.

But Mr Lawrence, who trained Sutherland for a year before he died, dismissed the suggestion of third-party involvement.

He said last night: ‘Darren had serious issues. He wasn’t just homesick and his mother was concerned enough about him to come over from Ireland at the start of the week of his death but he was dead by Sunday.

‘I have given a sworn statement to police and in it, I have given details of my conversations with Darren’s mother.

‘Of significance here is a request from her that we find him a sports psychiatrist.

He added: I can understand that the family want their own form of closure and if Darren was my son, I would feel the same.

‘But I just don’t think the family can cope with his death and what happened.

‘While I do sincerely feel for them, I just don’t know what has to be gained by going round trying to find somebody else responsible for the death of their son.’

Darren’s body is believed to have been found hanging from a wall radiator built a few feet from the ground with his hands tied by his side in such a way to prevent him from changing his mind.

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