Green Party blasts Deirdre de Burca

THE Green Party has launched a savage attack on recently resigned Deirdre de Burca.

In a letter to members – issued today – deputy party leader Mary White claims de Burca ‘threatened’ to damage the party.

The alleged threats came on the back of her failed bid for a top EU post and Ms White’s letter comes just days after de Burca’s resulting resignation.

In her resignation letter, which was published on her website, she blasted the Green Party.

She said: ‘I believe we have lost our way as a party and have gradually abandoned our values and our integrity since becoming part of this Government.

‘I do not take the decision to tender my resignation lightly but am very clear that I cannot continue to be a part of what the Green Party is supporting in Government.’

However, in a letter issued to party members today, Ms White said: ‘It is always sad when a political colleague resigns.

‘Deirdre de Burca’s decision to resign from the parliamentary party and the Seanad is no different.

‘But personal feelings cannot set aside certain key facts surrounding Deirdre’s decision to quit; the way she has chosen to present that decision; and the scathing, unfair and totally groundless criticisms she has levelled against Green Party leader, John Gormley.

‘It is a simple fact that Deirdre’s behaviour was driven by her failure to secure a senior EU post in Brussels.

‘It is less known that she threatened John Gormley and her party colleagues that she would set out to damage the party if she did not get that job.’

Ms White also points out that de Burca has – for the past two weeks – stayed away from parliamentary party meetings.

She claims that de Burca has also ‘communicated a number threats and deadlines to her colleagues.’

She adds: ‘It saddens me to say that I have found her behaviour to be deplorable.

‘We have already explained publicly that we supported her candidature for a job in Commissioner Geoghegan Quinn’s advisory team in Brussels because she was well qualified and suited for such a post.

‘The Taoiseach was also favourable and representations were made.

‘But Commissioner Geoghegan Quinn had other plans and she could not see a role for Deirdre de Burca on her team. ‘Everybody in Dublin had to accept that.

‘A European Commissioner is totally independent and legally obliged to shun any direction from the former home government.’

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