Katy French’s mobile

IT PROVED to be killer Joe O’Reilly’s downfall.

And now, to track Katy French’s last movements, detectives are going to use the same technology that was used to trace his whereabouts before and after he killed wife Rachel.

Equally significant, will be what the technology shows up as far as the movements of anybody thought to have been with Katy to any significant degree anytime between the early hours of Friday morning and Sunday.

For a start, anyone suspected of having – as had been suggested – fled the house where Katy collapsed could find themselves caught out if they had their phones on. Her own phone has remained switched off since Saturday evening.

Thanks to her mobile phone company’s call data recorder – or CDR – they will be able to get a complete record of who she called and who she texted.

The CDR is the computer that is used to store all information relating to calls and texts on customer’s mobile phones.

It is primarily used to help calculate bills, but has now emerged as a crucial tool for detectives investigating crimes where the movements of a suspect – or a victim – are in doubt.The CDR can pinpoint the cell site – or mobile phone mast – which provided the caller with the signal needed to make or receive a call while within range of that particular cell cite.

As the phone user moves about, the cell sites change but the same amount of exact data is recorded.

Analysis will – if she actually had her phone on and with her – be able to give a very good indication of where she was and when during her last 72 hours. 

When the phone is eventually switched on, it will also provide a record of any text messages she may have tried to send but would be saved as drafts in her message box.

Unless she has her contact numbers backed up on line, the phone’s memory will also yield her entire contacts list and any pictures she may have taken with her phone before either she switched it off or it just ran out of power.

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