“Bored” Mills’ marriage break months before official split

HEATHER Mills knew her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney was over as far back as January.

And, according to pals, she was already worrying about how a split would affect her public image.

She discussed her marriage problems and how people would react when they found out with one of her oldest friends four months BEFORE the official announcement that they were to split.

When Mills – who said weeks ago that herself and the ex-Beatle were “still very much together” – was warned the reaction to any break-up could be savage, she said: “There’s nothing I can do about that.”

TV director pal Phillip Goodhand-Tait, who has known Mills for more than 20 years, said: “I spoke to Heather about this back in January.

“I had hoped they could find an amicable settlement but that doesn’t seem to have happened.

“I warned her that there was going to be a very anti-Heather Mills attitude no matter what she’d say about the marriage and she said she knew that.”

He added: “There is nothing she can say that would make the public feel more sympathy towards her.

“When we talked about this in January, she knew she couldn’t come out of it terribly well and that was always going to be her problem.”

When asked what directly caused the split, he said: “It’s a combination of things.

“”I don’t think it’s too laughable to suggest she was bored but I also don’t think it was a generational thing.

“You’ve got two people who’ve both got tremendous interests that are going to take them in opposite directions.

“That would have played an important part in the split.”

As to how Mills – who has left the Slovenian bolt hole she fled to a few days after news of her marriage split broke – feels now, he said: “She’s not the sort of person who’s going to feel sorry for herself.”


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