More trouble in store for “idiotic” lap-dance fan.

RANDY businessman and self-confessed “idiot” Kieron Sutton may have won back most of the cash he lavished on his lap-dancing ex-mistress.
But the married 39-year-old IT consultant’s money problems were last night very much far from over.
He and his 35-year-old wife Carmela are facing fines of up to €14,600 each because of action being taken against them over the UK-based company they are both directors of.
They both face being given criminal records and could be banned from being directors of any UK companies for up to 15 years.
Since 2003, Sutton – who shelled out more than €146,000 on a lap dancer he befriended at London club Spearmint Rhino – has listed as his usual UK address a house where he used to be a lodger.
He lived there while he was having his affair with stripper Kay Hutchinson and while he held a €1,460-a-day consulting job with Pear Insurance in nearby Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.
The same address he lodged at – but is believed to have left more than a year ago – still appears on company records for Shardow Ltd, a firm he set up with wife Carmela in 2003.
But because it has never filed any accounts and because the address Sutton gives is not his own, the UK’s Companies House is currently going through the process of having Shardow Ltd struck off their registry of UK companies.
Three default letters were sent to Sutton at the address near Peterborough but these have gone unanswered.
And on October 4, Companies House began the striking-off process.
If anybody makes any complaint about Shardow, Sutton or his wife between now and mid-January, court proceedings could be initiated against the pair of them.
A Companies House official said: “Sutton does not live at the address we have for him.
“That is potentially a breach of both Section 287 and 288 of the 1985 Companies Act.
“Combined with the fact that no accounts have been submitted, both himself and his wife could be fined up to €14,600 each.
“We have made it public the fact we intend to strike his company off our register and if – as could happen – anyone decides we should take this matter further, then we will.”
Neighbours near the address where Sutton says he lives expressed surprise at his on-going association with the place.
One said: “There was an Irish guy there for a short while well over a year ago.
“He wasn’t around for very long and was eventually asked to leave.
“However, since he left, various people have turned up at the house looking for him – including a team of debt collectors.
“The French couple who own the house are at their wits end and although they don’t want to get involved with any press inquiries related to Sutton, I have heard that they are sick to death of him.”
Sutton has gone to ground since his case against stripper Hutchinson ended in London’s Appeal Court on November 10.
He began proceedings against her after their relationship ended in December 2003.
It began the previous year when he met her at London’s Spearmint Rhino and persuaded her to accompany him as his escort on business trips at a rate of €1,160-a-night.
He disguised his payments to her by using a credit card account to avoid making his wife suspicious of his – as the court in London heard – “shenanigans”.
By early 2003 and while he living near Peterborough, the relationship became sexual and – the court heard – “services included sexual services for which money was paid.”
Throughout their relationship, he admitted giving her “well in excess of €146,000″ – much of which he maintained were in the form of loans of between €2,920 and €29,206 which she used to buy a car and a flat in London.
By the end of 2003, the relationship turned sour when she reported him to the police for harassment.
Despite this and although he demanded his money back, he said in a letter to her: “I do love you and would do almost anything for you.”
In January of this year, a judge ordered Hutchinson to pay up but her lawyers contested the order.
But her appeal was rejected and she has been ordered to payback Sutton’s €106,600 in loans.
After the ruling was given in his favour, Sutton told the court: “I have been an idiot and regret my actions.”
The businessman, who is believed to be now working in Switzerland, was unavailable for comment last night.
His wife Carmela, who is living at the couple’s house in Tallaght with their young daughter, came to the door but refused to speak to reporters.

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