At home with the McCartneys

ALL you need is . . . a beach. At least that’s the way ex-Beatle Paul McCartney see things.
Turning to a neighbour next door to the southern England seafront house he shares with wife Heather, he exclaimed with his arms stretched out: “Oh God, this is all I want in life.”
Penny June recalls the day well.
She said: “We were just chatting last summer and he stood up as he looked at the sea in his swimsuit.
“He said he loved living here and that it was all he wanted – to be here with Heather and the baby and all of us. He was just so happy.
“It was the sea, the sunshine, the beach, Heather, the baby and living in a lovely quiet street with nice friends who weren’t irritating him.”
Mrs Penn is very fond of the couple, who moved in around 2002 – the year they married.
Although they bought the house off former News of the World editor Derek Jameson for £750,000 ($1.5 million) in cash in 2001, they spent more than a year renovating it.
It stands in the middle of a small, private cul-de-sac where houses all back onto a strip of private beach in Hove, near Brighton.
With panoramic views of Brighton seafront, it is dubbed “Millionaire’s Row” and other neighbours include millionaire popstar Norman Cook and his wife and former DJ, Zoe Ball.
The 1920s house – built by Mrs Penn’s grandfather – is about 50 miles (80 Km) from McCartney’s sprawling estate in Peasmarsh, near Rye, East Sussex.
McCartney, 62, and Mills, 36, appear to spend most of their time at home or on the beach and are rarely seen out and about in nearby Brighton.
That said, they have been spotted a few times cycling along the seafront and walking their baby Beatrice in her pram.
And a member of the nearby Hove Deep Sea Anglers Club said: “You see them about from time to time.
“They walk past us on their way into town or when they’re just going for a stroll.
“They look like any other couple.”
Mrs Penn, who write horoscopes for newspapers, is in no doubt about the couple’s affection for each other as well as for their idyllic hideaway.
She said: “They generally come down in the summer or at odd weekends. They travel a lot.
“But when you do see them, they are just a very happy and lovely couple. You see them sitting close to each other on their veranda in the morning with their breakfast.
“You see them gazing at each other over their bowls of Cornflakes. You also see them walking hand-in-hand along the beach.
“I would say they are very much in love and very happy together.”
She adds: “I see them all the time when they are down.
“They look very happy together, really very happy and they’ve a dear, sweet, beautiful little girl ‘B’ – she’s adorable to look at.
“Paul takes her down to the beach on his shoulders and they go into the sea. Other times they take her out on the promenade in her pram.
“They are just like any other normal, lovely couple. We’re all very friendly and happy together.
“It’s like a little community – very private and very quiet. We are very fortunate and they (the celebrity residents) don’t get people pestering them at all.
“It’s just so quiet here and they love it.”
She added: “Although we are very friendly, people won’t pop round and ask for the loan of a bag of sugar.
“Everyone – including Paul and Heather – is just generally very friendly. We chat to each other on our verandas.
“Sometimes we go to the beach together and sit and chat and have a laugh. They adore their child.
“Sometimes his son James comes to visit, but I don’t think I’ve seen Stella or the others yet.”
She said: “Paul’s very kind.
“One day, my 11-year-old grandson James was playing on the beach with other children when their ball floated out to sea.
“Suddenly Paul rushed off his veranda, dashed down the stairs and ran down the beach and into the sea.
“He swam quite a way out and then came back with this ball. And he told them never to go out and get the ball themselves.
“He turned to me and said ‘June, I’m a father myself and I’m half frightened they might go into the sea and get the ball’.”

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